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Are you searching for the right character for your commercial, TV show or Movie? We have a regularly maintained database with over 3000 characters.


Are you waiting your chance to appear in a commercial, TV show or movie? Xtrim Casting is here to share your dream. Open a free profile with us today and let's find you a role.


This involves pre-shoot activities of sourcing and selection of characters, locations, costume, hair and facial styling, shoot related paper work and general welfare during the shoot.

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Why Xtrim Casting?


With 10 years experience in a fast paced advertising environment,we’ve handled over 300 productions. The team at Xtrim Casting has been trained to handle a range of director’s briefs.

Range of Services

Xtrim Casting provides locations, costumes, catering, hair and facial styling, builds and leases props. We coordinate the job to completion giving timely feedback to our client.

Great Rates

Xtrim Casting has realistic rates because our overhead is not high thus passing along these savings to you.

Talent Management

We carry out background checks on characters, to avoid contract clashes with similar brands. .

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Xtrim Casting Limited
P.O.Box 8819, Kampala.

Plot 378 mosque close bukoto (300 metres from victory city church).

+256 414 661 931, +256 706 757 524,


+256 414 661 931, +256 706 757 524,


Plot 378 mosque close bukoto
(300 metres from victory city church).
Kampala, Uganda

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